The academic summer is finally here!


After several months busyness, today I came to completely different workplace. The quiet office. No one was waiting and there were no urgent things to do. I arrived at 6:30 in the morning, sat and waited… At the beginning nothing particularly interesting happened. Some random thoughts crossed my mind, but I quickly got rid of them by scribbling a few notes in a notebook. Took me a moment to consciously register that rising feeling I was waiting for so long. Quiet and peaceful solitude… the bliss of academic summer!

This is one of the most gratifying moments of academic life. The end of semester. Teaching is done. Grading is done. Administrative paperwork, well, shall be done soon. There are less disturbances, no students, no questions. The closest deadline is weeks away. Coffee cup steams on the table and a book is at hand…

The feeling lasted maybe an hour, as there were few appointments coming my way, and consequently several things I needed to prepare. Still, it was amazing!

I enjoy teaching immensely. Yes, occasional downs happen, but there aren’t that many things in life that can build you up as the interaction with a smart and dedicated student. The one that challenges your concepts and stirs your thoughts.

It is just that every semester is generally filled with a constant unstoppable noise. Sheer amount of people you have to deal with is sometimes overwhelming. To the point, where it gets difficult to memorize names, faces, obligations, tasks, etc. Most of the daily stuff morphs into an unrecognizable blur and students contribute to this buzz, as many of them has questions, problems to solve, issues to discuss. They need assistance and attention.

Suddenly, the summer comes… and it becomes unbeliveably  quiet. It is something that we all expect and long for. Still, every time it happens, it is a shock.

So yes, teaching is great, but for many academics no other experience compares to this magical end of June or sometimes July.

Happy summer holidays!

Photo by Luke Pamer on Unsplash.

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