Hello (again)!

I was wondering for quite a while what to write about. Is it a good idea to write a blog again? I already had a blog and kept it for several years. It was some time in 2003-2009, and it was all about my interests, self-development, and some curiosities related to science. It was written in Polish, and after a while the audience grew up to several hunders of readers. Looking back, I think it was quite an achievement to build a facebook page liked by 800 people, without any kind of plan, strategy, or concrete goal.

Without surprise, I burned out after a while. At that time I was in the middle of my PhD studies, and this period in academic life is, well… it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. My head was was spinning full of ideas, which I was eager to share. Yet, at that time so many blogs were popping up around the web that I started to lose my voice in all that noise. I found it was harder and harder to sound original, and whatever I wrote about, there was something similar already written somewhere. It was a great experience, but I cared too much and after a while it was not fun anymore.

Being slightly older and having slightly more mature view of the world, I found myself longing for that feeling of writing for an audience and to be able to share something. I decided to give it another shot. There will be some differences though. It is not that I don’t care. I am just more confident now, and I think that my experience and voice are more valuable now than before.

If by any chance you are familiar with my previous scribblings, I happily welcome you back. You might notice some similarities, but there will be differences. The most noticeable one is the language because this time I intend to write majority of posts (if not all of them) in English. Also, this edition will be a bit more professional than personal. I will tell stories related to my life as an academic and write about ideas, motivations, and tools that I value.

So, hello (again)!

2 thoughts on “Hello (again)!

  1. Whoa, glad to see writing you again! I was actually looking for your old blog a few months ago and was quite disappointed when I couldn’t find it. Are you planning to post your old posts somewhere online? I remember your writing was really great and it’d be a shame if these texts were to be lost forever.


    1. Thank you! I really appreciate your kind words! The old blog was self-hosted and to my regret I needed to take it down at one point. This one is maintained on wordpress.com so it is not going anywhere. I wanted the new version to be more of a challenge, that is why it is in English. Many old Polish posts are outdated. They are not really good enough to be published again. Still, I intend to translate the best texts, so they will show up from time to time on this blog, just like this post: https://zajaczkowski.blog/2018/03/02/effective-memorization/ You are welcome to stick around! Let me know if you like the result!


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